Anika’s Review: Youtheory Collagen Advanced Formula

Hi Guys,

I’m back for my first review regarding this Youtheory Collagen. A good friend of mine encouraged me to try this one, She’s been using this product for a year already and had a good effect on her. I cannot say it will do the same effect to me, that’s why I am giving myself a try and  because I am really looking for a good collagen to drink and include on my daily routine.

At the side of the packaging it says:


I am more into repairing my bone or as it says the tendons & ligaments, secondly on my skin, hair and nails. who wouldn’t want a good skin, shiny hair and healthy nails perhaps everyone would love too.

HOW LONG I’VE BEEN USING IT:  1month and 6days to be exact and still a lot of pills left in the bottle.

HOW I TAKE IT:  3 tablets in the morning usually after breakfast and 3 tablets again before bedtime.

Pro: I can already feel the effect on my skin and noticed a much shiny hair of mine.

Cons: This cons is actually fine with me, but for those who is not fond of drinking a lot of tablets at the same time. They will be having a hard time for this. Take note that each tablet is quite big also.

Where I buy it: I bought it online for 129.39DKK

SHOULD I STILL BUY AGAIN: Yes! As I research about collagen drinks it really takes some time to see the effect of it, so you really need to take it for several months.

Have you also try it for yourself? or Are you drinking other kinds of collagen? I would love to hear some advice also. Just comment down below. Thanks!