Life away from Home

It’s been a year since I left home.

This was my second time, but everything feels the same.

Excited for the new adventures, Motivated for planning my future ahead, Sad for leaving everything back home like Family, Loved one, Life that I used to lived, and the Scary feeling of thinking “What will be going to happen?” “Am I going to be surrounded by good people while staying there? and a lot more questions running on my mind.

I used to Live in Amsterdam for a year already, came back home and flew back again here in Denmark. Let’s take it a fact that It’s not everyone can have a chance to travel or live in Europe, when you can experience a lot of things, The rich culture they had, Those famous Monuments they had (Eiffel tower, The Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Sagrada Familia, Arc de Triumph and a lot more) which  is located in different countries in Europe, The four seasons they had (spring, summer, autumn and winter) which we definitely don’t have in The Philippines and For that I feel Blessed and forever be Grateful, It is definitely a Dream come True.

(photo below was my anniversary party last 11th of March, celebrating it with good friends of mine and yes! I’ve got a friends here)            17425843_1295589040488859_142552281764142188_n

When you’re away from home, a lot of adjustment you need to keep in mind.

The Time differences you had,

The language that you need to learn and adapt, like by saying No/Nej or Yes/Ja some basics  like Thank You or Sorry would be great, but ofcourse everyone can speak in English, Sometimes it’s not fluent but as long as the thought is there, it’s fine.

The Weather, how can I forget about it. It was one of my struggle at first hahahahh coming from a warm country moving to a windy/cold one is definitely a struggle, but believe it or not I am Enjoying every season. The smell of the blossoming flowers on Spring, The splash on the ocean, picnics and barbecues during Summer Heat, Those fallen leaves at the woods, along the street and sometimes just at the neighbours place in Autumn and The cold breeze and snow during Winter. I appreciate every little things in Life because if you didn’t,  Life will always be miserable for you. I remember my Brother (who encouraged me more to make this Blog for real – ThankYou Kuya!) when He said that Life is A Choice. Whether you did it for your own sake or for others, Whether you choose to be sad or happy, Whether you live your Life to the fullest or not, It will always Be your Choice.


Life away from Home. It wasn’t easy as It should be.

There are times you will feel alone, feeling rejected, badly missing home or Homesick, getting tired of all the work loads, wanted a Hug from mom/dad, feeling sad for not being there at a friends wedding, christening of niece nephew, family reunions, celebrating birthdays, Christmas and new year with your family and those days when you feel you had nothing but Yourself.

But In time everything  will be pay off. We are all going Back Home, I am going back Home with all the new Lessons that I learn, Experiences that  I had, Good or Bad and Memories that will be last forever and for Making myself a stronger and wiser woman that I should be.

Cheers to all the Independent woman all over the world!



Author: carmina costo

She turn her Can't into Can and Dreams into Plans.

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